World’s leading supplier of
organic cassava starch

Did you know that Cassava is the carbohydrate of the future? Unlike traditional wheat, our cassava is naturally Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Organic, High Fiber and Low GI. For those who care about their loved ones health.

Our Heritage

With over a decade in organic farming, Ubon Sunflower set out to be a different type of company, one that sets its farmers and consumers at the core of our business. We are passionate purveyors of cassava and believe that good food should be shared with friends and family.

Our Home

Dawn’s light brings the first rays of the sun falling gently over Ubon Ratchathani, our home for all of our organic operations.

Our standards

Keeping up to date on all international manufacturing standards, our factories adhere to strict quality control measures and organic standards.


To expand our products with cassava at the heart of our business model through sustainable and traceable organic farming, with integrated business models, which positively impacts both our farmers and consumers through the stewardship of our environment for present and future generations.

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